Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

    This documentary series offers an alternative take on modern American history, focusing on underreported events that shaped the nation's character.
    Starring:Oliver Stone
    Creators:Oliver Stone
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    Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States

    Season 1
    Watch World War Two. Episode 1 of Season 1.

    Focusing on the rise of America's global influence, this chapter spotlights the complex wartime maneuverings of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

    Watch Roosevelt, Truman & Wallace. Episode 2 of Season 1.

    This chapter explores how Truman's vice presidency and Stalin's attempt to control Eastern Europe impacted the post-World War II political landscape.

    Watch The Bomb. Episode 3 of Season 1.

    Examine the mythology promoted by the U.S. about the atomic bombing of Japan and how the blasts sowed the seeds of mistrust in the Soviet Union.

    Watch The Cold War: 1945-1950. Episode 4 of Season 1.

    Explore how Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech, the Greek civil war and McCarthyism in the United States helped heat up the Cold War.

    Watch The '50s: Eisenhower, the Bomb & the Third World. Episode 5 of Season 1.

    With Eisenhower elected president, American diplomatic relations with the USSR turn even colder and the threat of nuclear Armageddon grows.

    Watch JFK: To the Brink. Episode 6 of Season 1.

    JFK was president for just a few short years, but his successes and failures on the international stage charted America's course for decades.

    Watch Johnson, Nixon & Vietnam: Reversal of Fortune. Episode 7 of Season 1.

    The escalation of the war in Vietnam transformed multiple presidencies and marked a sea change in America's interventionist policies overseas.

    Watch Reagan, Gorbachev & Third World: Rise of the Right. Episode 8 of Season 1.

    America shifts to the right under Reagan, whose secret wars and relationship with the USSR contribute to a complex legacy of peace and bloodshed.

    Watch Bush & Clinton: American Triumphalism: New World Order. Episode 9 of Season 1.

    The Soviet Union's collapse inspires massive economic and political changes around the world, including increased U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

    Watch Bush & Obama: Age of Terror. Episode 10 of Season 1.

    While the U.S. escalates its efforts to stem the rise of terrorism at home and abroad, China emerges as a global economic superpower.

    Watch World War I, The Russian Revolution & Woodrow Wilson: Roots of Empire. Episode 11 of Season 1.

    The election of William McKinley, the Russian Revolution and World War I help set the stage for the U.S. to become a global superpower.

    Watch 1920-1940: Roosevelt, Hitler, Stalin: The Battle of Ideas. Episode 12 of Season 1.

    As Hitler rises to power and World War II looms, Franklin Roosevelt inherits a divided United States rife with conflict and economic hardship.

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